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Ultimate Bullies
Little Rock, Arkansas
Phone: 501-554-2343/501-690-1666 or 501-425-4544
Facebook: Chidi Ukegbu (Ultimate Bullies)
Instagram: ultimate_bullies

PLEASE read ALL the contract before purchasing a pup! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.





This legally binding contract is made this _________day of________________________, _____________ and is between

the Seller (Ultimate Bullies), Breeder (seller): Chidi Ukegbu

& The Buyer as named below:

(Buyer): ______________________________________________, Phone: _________________________


(Address): __________________________________, (City): _____________________, (State): _________, (ZIP): _________

the buyer agrees to obtain from the seller an American Bully puppy/dog.


(Sex): _______________, (Color): _______________ (D.O.B): ________________ (Registration #): ______/__________, for the amount of : $___________

(Price includes: Up-To-Date on Vaccines & Dewormed)


(Ear Cropping): $______________, (Shipping): $_____________, (Delivery): $____________

(Ground shipping in US [if needed] Approx.: $400 *Airline shipping may vary)


Ear Crop -Ear cropping is available for an amount of $______ to be prepaid before crop is to take place, as well as full payment of pup. Cropping of the puppy is the choice of the new owner. I will take the puppy to my vet. If the puppy dies under anesthesia Ultimate Bullies is not responsible nor is the vet and no refund will be issued on the puppy on the money paid towards the crop will be refunded.

Shipping – Shipping fee is the responsibility of the buyer and is due in full no later than (1) week before pup/dog is to leave my possession, payment must be cleared before pick-up.

Price I quote for Airlines Shipping Only will include airline approved crate, health certificate and all required items.

DepositsWe will take deposits of $500-$1000 for picks on each breeding unless otherwise stated. Please be sure before you place a deposit, keep in mind we do not give refunds. The buyer understands that once a deposit is made, it is a commitment to but said dog and therefor, NON-REFUNDABLE. We do allow deposits to be transferred to a different litter or to a stud credit. However, we only allow a deposit to be transferred one time, no exceptions. If the breeding happens not to take & the female fails to become pregnant, the breeding will be repeated on the female’s next heat cycle & your deposit will automatically be transferred to the same litter unless you decide to transfer your deposit to a different litter or to a stud credit.


The above said American Bully is sold to the above “Buyer” for the total price of $___________. A deposit in the amount of $___________ by form of ____________________________, is hereby made. The balance is due to the Seller before the dog is placed in the buyer’s possession, or before (7) weeks of age. Registration papers will also be held until the balance is paid in full, after which the seller will register the puppy UKC, ABKC, ABR, IBR, and/or USBR. Ultimate Bullies reserves the right to use our kennel name on the registration papers on puppies / dogs and buyer will choose the call name. Papers will be sent with pup/crate. Unless agreed upon both parties before said pup/dog is picked up. Buyer will forfeit deposit and said dog may then be re-sold if not paid in full by specified date being _____________. Buyer understands that the above pup must be shipped and picked up by the time pup turns (8) weeks old unless agreed in writing by the seller to hold the puppy for a longer time. Any pups/dogs not shipped or pick up will be charged a boarding fee of $20.00 per day that must be paid before pup/dog is to leave our possession.

Fee will be for the following: Providing Shelter, food, De-worming, and additional vaccines, unless agreed upon prior to.

Payments can be made by the following methods listed below:


(PayPal payment MUST be sent as friends & family or additional 3.5% interest charge will be added to the balance.)

(Walmart-To-Walmart Payments are not to exceed $1000.00 at a time, any additional payments if required must be made through a different method.)




1.) The seller warrants that, to the best of their knowledge, and at the time of sale, the puppy/dog is in good health and up-to-date on all vaccinations. The purchaser must have the puppy/dog checked by a vet of his/her choice at his/her expense within (48) hrs. of pick up or delivery of the puppy/dog, by not doing so voids the health part of this contract/agreement. If the vet finds any problems which his/her opinion renders the puppy/dog unfit for sale due to health issues obtained before the sale of the puppy/dog can be returned & the buyer will be given a replacement puppy of equal quality. If no replacement puppy is available at the time, the money paid will be transferred to another litter of equal quality. A written statement from your vet explaining the problem will be required along with a second opinion from a vet of our choice. Shipping fees will not be refunded. Buyer will have to pay for the return shipping of the puppy/dog & the shipping of the new puppy.

2.) Ultimate Bullies makes no guarantees against skin and coat problems of the said dog therefore can not be held responsible if any should occur. There are some bullies that are more prone to skin conditions, as often noted in the tri and blue colored puppies/dogs. Some blue and tri coated dogs of all breeds are more prone to bacterial, viral, staph, and fungal infections as well as various forms of dermatitis, allergies, demodex, and color mutant alopecia. While some of these conditions are hereditary may of them are simply the result of the blue coat coloring. Not all blue or tri coated dogs are affected however you need to be prepared if a skin or coat condition develops. Ultimate bullies do not guarantee that any of our puppies/dogs will be show quality. Buyer understands that there is a possibility that the pup/dog may have a kinked tail. Ultimate Bullies makes no guarantees of the size or weight of dog at maturity, no guarantees of health, wellness, fertility, or expected life span of puppy/dog. We do not guarantee color and temperament of puppy/dogs. Due to many factors we are not responsible for the temperament of the pups produced. We only breed dogs with sound temperaments and how a puppy is raised is 100% the responsibility of the buyer.

Please be aware that all puppies/dogs require time for adjustment to new surroundings.

3.) Buyer certifies that he/she is not acting as an agent for another individual in the purchase of this dog and will not sell to a puppy mill. Both parties agree that No Dogs/Pups have been sold for fighting or any illegal purpose. If the buyer is found to be using the pup/dog for illegal purposes or activities, or if the puppy/dog is being kept without adequate food, proper housing, or care we reserve

the right to regain possession of the pup.

4.) Buyer agrees to provide for this dog’s emotional and physical care, including annual physical examinations and recommended vaccinations by a licensed vet, and nutritious foods etc.

5.) Should buyer be unable or unwilling to fulfill any of the above agreements, or if the dog is seized by local authorities, as having been abused, neglected, or abandoned, the seller retains the right to reclaim the dog without compensation. Buyer agrees to pay seller all expenses including court cost and reasonable attorney fees in enforcing the terms and provisions of this contract.

**PLEASE NOTE: If sales contract is not received, you the buyer are still accepting ALL terms & conditions, once a deposit is placed on any pup/dog of Ultimate Bullies.




(Buyer’s Signature): ___________________________________________                                                                                                                      (Date): _______/_________/__________


(Breeder’s Signature): __________________________________________

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