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Little Rock, AR
Phone: 501-554-2343/501-960-1666 or 501-425-4544
Instagram: ultimate_bullies

Date: _____________________

Pet’s Name: ________________

I, ________________________________, am receiving a male/female American Bully from Chidi Ukegbu (owner of Ultimate Bullies) in the amount of $_______. I understand that this is a pet home/co-own with Chidi Ukegbu. I understand that Chidi Ukegbu owns ALL breeding rights to this American Bully. I understand that whenever Chidi Ukegbu needs to use the dog for any breeding or photo shoot purposes I will make the dog available to him. I understand that I must inform Chidi Ukegbu if the dog is moved to another location and if my contact information changes. I understand that in the event I can no longer take care of the dog I will return him/her back to Chidi Ukegbu. I understand that the dog can NOT be sold or given away for any reason. I understand that I can NOT spay/neuter the dog without written consent from Chidi Ukegbu. I understand that I am responsible for all medical/healthcare cost of this dog.

Pet Home/Co-Owner’s Printed Name, Address & Phone Number:

Pet Home/Co-Owner’s Signature: _______________________________________Date: _____________

Owner Signature (Chidi Ukegbu): _______________________________________Date: ____________

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